All Electric Laundry Rooms and the High Cost of Electricity

All electric dryers and electric water heaters killing you on the electric bill.

The cause of the problem is not how much electricity these appliances use, it is the rate at which they use them. Utilities charge for how much and how fast you use the electricity. When the heating elements in the dryers and the water heaters come on at the same time this increases the rate of use, referred as the demand charge. Utilities in California charge up to $30 per KW for these demand charges. It can add up fast if your laundry facility has 3 or more dryers and an electric water heater.

There is an easy solution - Demand Control. An automatic demand controller keeps all of the heating elements from being on at the same time, thus, lowering the demand. By reducing demand you can save your mutual $2000 per year on the electric bill.

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