Google Nest Products - Themostats, Smoke Detectors, Security Cameras, and Google HomePower_Planet_Nest_Products

Power_Planet_Nest_Thermostat Power Planet carries the full line of Google Nest Products. There is the Google Nest Thermostat which learns when you are home or at work and adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The Google Nest Protect is a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector which communicates with the nest thermostat, other Nest Protects, and the Nest Cams to keep your family safe. Google Nest Cams come in Indoor and Power_Planet_Nest_CameraOutdoor models to provide video and audio protection for your Power_Planet_Nest_ProtectHome or Business.

All of the Google Nest products communicate together and are accessible from your browser, phone app, or the New Google Home Voice Activate Speaker.

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