Adjusting_Google_Nest_ThermostatGoogle Nest Themostats

Power Planet is an authorized dealer and installer for the Google Nest Thermostat, which use artificial intellegence to learn when to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort. When you are not at home or in your office the Nest Termostat will setpback the temperature to save you money. It will also learn when it needs to cPower_Planet_Installing_Google_Nest_Thermostatool or heat the house to get to the your preferred temperature.


Nest Thermostat Spec Sheet

As part of the Google Works with Nest product family the Nest Thermosatatscommunicate wirelessly with the Nest Protect Smoke Detectors to shut down the HVAC system if smoke is detected. You can directly control your Nest Thermostat from any web browser, Iphone, or Android phone when you are away from the house.

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