Electrical Peak Demand Management

energy sentry demand controllerControlling electrical peak demand charges is best accomplished through automated load shedding and load time shifting. Power Planet uses Energy Sentry microprocessor controllers for peak electric demand control. The Energy Sentry peak demand controllers monitor the level of power consumption read by the utility meter; then cyclically sheds electrical loads to maintain the peak demand below a predefined limit. After a peak electrical demand event has passed loads are restored to normal operation.

Commercial electrical customers in GS-2 or TOU-3 rate schedules can achieve dramatic reductions in their electric bills by controlling the peak demand. Some GS-2 commercial electric accounts can reduce their electric demand below 20 KW and qualify for the GS-1 rate schedule for substantial savings.

Electrical Demand Profile Curve

The Energy Sentry Electrical Demand Controllers are designed to allow for decompression time to avoid short cycling or air conditiong loads. In the event of a failure, the system fails in an fail safe mode, so as not to affect operations or occupant comfort.



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