Testimonial From Placentia Presbyterian Church

August 13, 2010

We appreciate your efforts to help us, Placentia Presbyterian Church, reduce our energy demand charges. Our energy charges represent over 4% of our total church budget per year. Our committee was interested in finding ways that might lower these costs. By installing demand controllers and thermostats sensors, we hoped to reduce our peak demand charges by 30-50%. The peak demand charge is about 2/3 of our energy cost.
It appears the preliminary numbers after just 2 months of operation that our demand charge was reduced by 22kw in June and 44kw in July which equates to a total savings of roughly $1450 for this two month period, despite a price increase. At his rate we are well on our way to saving $5000 to $ 7500 per year that was set as a goal.
As per your suggestion, it would seem to make sense to apply to Southern California Edison to change our rate schedule from GS-2 to GS-1 for the Sanctuary.
We look forward to working with you in the future to help further reduce our energy costs. Thanks again for your diligence on this project.


John Marshall
Stewardship Committee

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